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Event Insurance FAQ

Do I have to have event insurance?
We require event insurance if you have over 50 guests or are serving alcohol in any form.


Where can I get event insurance?

You can purchase this through any insurance provider of your choosing. We suggest checking with your homeowner’s insurance policy or online vendors. We have no preference toward vendors. Most often, we see policies purchased via www.wedsafe.com.

How much does it cost?
Most policies range between $100-$150.


What should the policy include?
We need to see the four following things on your policy

  1. Coverage for $1,000,000

  2. The City of Brentwood listed as an additional insured (you can use the physical address for Cool Springs House: 1490 Volunteer Parkway, Brentwood, TN 37027)

  3. The date of your event

  4. Host Liquor Liability coverage (if serving alcohol in any form)


What should I do once I have the policy?
Email the PDF document to csh@brentwoodtn.gov so we can add it to your file.


Is this the same as my vendor’s certificate of insurance?
No. Your vendors should each have their own certificates of insurance. We will need to have that certificate on file for your tent and/or rentals vendors. You can email it to us or ask them to email it directly to us on your behalf. Just be sure they mention your event date so we can add it to your file.


For some tent/rental companies, we may already have their COI on file. If you are using a vendor we have on file already, or are not having a tent or rental company come on site, just let us know so we can check it off your file.

Do I need a certificate of insurance from all of my vendors?

No. We only need it for your tent and/or rental vendors.

Anything else you need from my vendors?

Yes- if you are serving alcohol, it must be served by an ABC licensed bartender, and we will require that license to be on file prior to your event. 

Also, we ask that you kindly remind all vendors that there is no driving or parking on the grass at any time, including during load in/out.