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Client Acknowledgement Form + FAQ

At the Cool Springs House, we require a Client Acknowledgement Form to be submitted in addition to your contract no less than 30 days prior to your event.  

What about our damage deposit? 

The City will no longer be taking damage deposits to hold on file. Instead of holding your $500 check, we will wait and bill clients after the event, should we find that our policies were broken or damage is found. This new Client Acknowledgement form will help spell out what clients may owe, in the event that policies are not followed.

What if no damage is found after my event?
No further action will be required.


Why would we be charged after our event?
Damage: Despite best efforts, accidents happen. If damage is found, we will document it with photos and reach out to you immediately. Then, we will start the process of repair. Once we have information on the costs for the repair, we will ask for you to send us a check or pay by credit card in the exact amount for the repair

Line Item Amounts in Form: If you are being billed for issues such as: furniture improperly set up or torn down, trash improperly disposed of, or any other line item in your client acknowledgement form that was found to be of issue, we will also document it with photos and reach out to you immediately. You will be charged the amount in which was stated in your form that corresponds with the issue found. You will be asked to send payment within 30 days to avoid further action.